Breakfast at Focaccia Ristorante

Come to Focaccia Ristorante and have a delicious breakfast. Our breakfasts are served daily between 7:00 and 12:00.

We make our breakfasts from high quality ingredients. Many ingredients are made on the spot, for example our fresh, fragrant bread, while other ingredients, which are also fresh, come from our trusted suppliers.

At Focaccia Ristorante you can have scrambled eggs made from organic eggs obtained from Green-legged Partridges, with fragrant truffle-scented olive oil, with crunchy bacon, chives, and tomato. We serve French toasts with maple syrup and vanilla, and the oatmeal with milk is rich with fruit, nuts, and honey. For those of you who are fond of granola with yogurt we offer three options to choose from: fruit granola, granola with nuts, or coffee-flavored.

And in addition to all that there is of course delicious coffee, tea, and freshly pressed fruit juices.

Our breakfasts are flavorful and they taste great: they will satisfy the palate even of the most demanding guests.

Just come and try it yourself!